General Advice on Walking Safely

Walking Safely with The Somerset Walking Club

Please read the information on this printable link for contacting emergency services while on a walk. This information is especially relevant to walk leaders . Contacting the Emergency Serivces using a mobile phone.

1) The Club has Public Liability insurance but members are responsible for their own personal accident insurance.

2) A person will be covered by the Club’s insurance for the maximum of three ‘taster session’ walks before they decide whether to join the Club. A friend or relative on a walk but not intending to join the Club is not covered by our insurance.

3)Members should wear/carry appropriate clothing for the time of year and weather,  i.e. wear walking boots/shoes, carry waterproofs, adequate food, drinks and first aid items.

4) Each member is responsible for their own health and safety whilst attending Club walks. Please advise the Leader if you have a medical condition that they should be aware of and what action they should take if necessary.

5) Be aware that the countryside can present many hazards including slippery, uneven and unstable surfaces and unpredictable animals/farm live stock (especially cows with calves).

6) All gates which are opened by the group must be closed once through.

7)  Whilst walking along roads, Club members should walk in single file on the right, except around blind bends when they should cross to the other side.

8) In spring/summer it is advisable for Club members to check themselves for ‘ticks’ after a walk, which should be removed promptly as they may carry Lyme’s disease.

9) Leaders should recce their walk and note any particular problems or hazards.

10) The Leader should carry basic first aid items, map, pen and paper, and ensure a fully charged mobile phone is available for an emergency.

11) The Leader may decide to change the walk route on the basis of conditions on the day if they deem it to be in the interests of safety. It is expected that members respect and support the leader’s decision.

Full details of Somerset Walking Club constitution

Summers Walk at Selworthy, Exmoor

Celia Tickner 2021

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