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Sheree’s Preparation for Leading a Walk for the Somerset Walking Club

The lead up to my first walk was stressful.  I walked the route several times and carefully documented each turn with notes and  pictures on my phone.

Some members have probably noticed that my confidence has surged since that first walk, some might say misplaced and verging on the delusional  
I  achieve a huge amount of satisfaction in mastering a walk, I love finding new places and taking in new views

 The favourite aspects of the walk for me is firstly finding the route, mostly from books, sometimes personal knowledge and occasionally I’ve mapped out my own walk from the OS map, I spend a fair amount of time on this part. 

Secondly I really enjoy the reccies. My husband John has  often been a semi willing companion. We invariably split the walk in two  because our dog is elderly and anxious in new places. We take the opportunity of finding somewhere nice for lunch or afternoon tea afterwards. 

More often these days though I set off by myself and stop on route to eat my packed lunch.  I have met some incredibly nice people this way (a few weird ones too, but such is life).  I love the meditative aspect of walking, the peace and tranquility of walking alone. I remember reading someone saying “there isn’t a problem in the world that can’t be solved by taking a walk”. I’ve emailed it to Putin.

 I am  often accompanied for a short time by a blackbird, a Robin a mallard duck. I have been investigated by cows, sheep and the odd horse and have stopped to chat to pigs,   llamas and alpacas. I’ve been greeted by some fabulously friendly dogs and the barking ones I’ve  ALWAYS won over. Cats have allowed me to stroke them,  I’ve been blessed  with watching a family of deer and have been really lucky to watch a small pack of fox pups playing.

I have chatted to land owners, farm hands, other walkers, utility repair people working in the middle of nowhere and appear genuinely happy to chat. 

I’ve been bedazzled by stunning landscapes and been able to view in total silence. Truly nothing beats it.

Seriously what is not to love?

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